Directed by Sarah J. Ewing

Choreography by S. J. Ewing in collaboration with the dancers

Projection Design by Jonathan Hsu & Dylan Uremovich 

Performed by Abigail Farina, Juliana Ponguta Forero, Nicole Liebeler & Kyoko Ruch

Analog is a multi-year performance project directed and choreographed by S. J. Ewing. The project has received extensive support from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities who have funded two theater developments of the project and the site-specific development; Analog OnSite. Analog 2 is the fully-realized stage development of the project and seeks to melds the linear and digital experience of technology with the three-dimensional human experience of movement and touch in an interactive and immersive environment. The projections respond, interact and are manipulated by the dancer’s movements via motion capture technology.  CityDance, CulturalDC, DCCAH, Storefronts, FathomDC and Dance Place have been instrumental in supporting this project over multiple years of development. 

S. J. Ewing & Dancers is a DC-based company that leverages technology's power to augment, amplify, and deliver contemporary dance experiences. 

Sarah J. Ewing is a CityDance Ignite Resident Artist and her work is supported by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.  

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