Analog Install

Created by Sarah J. Ewing and Dylan Uremovich.

One of the first projects commissioned for the Moonshot Studio at the Kennedy Center’s newly expanded campus, the REACH.


Analog: Install is an interactive technology installation designed to demystify the experience of watching a contemporary dance performance. The work was commissioned by the Kennedy Center and was one of the first works created for the new REACH campus.  The installation provides hands-on experience of how movement is developed into choreography, enabling participants to understand the building blocks of the performances they see on stage. 


The project has been particularly successful with children who are able to work collaboratively with their friends and peers to assume the roles of projection designer (by using the iPad) and dancer/choreographer (by activating the projections through their movements) to create short performance pieces. This process is also facilitated in 1 hour guided educational workshops designed to further explore elements of dance composition and projection design.

S. J. Ewing & Dancers is a DC-based company that leverages technology's power to augment, amplify, and deliver contemporary dance experiences. 

Sarah J. Ewing is a CityDance Ignite Resident Artist and her work is supported by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.  

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